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Twisted Psychological Thriller Bundle

Twisted Psychological Thriller Bundle

USA Today Best Selling Author

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Questionable friends. Disturbing employers. Lying loved ones.

Get your fill of twisted individuals in this 5-book thriller bundle that is sure to have you questioning your sanity while keeping you on the edge of your seat!

Put your intuition to the test as you unravel the deceptions of those around you. This bundle has everything you need for a pulse-racing reading experience!

"Fun and twisty!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ — Reader Review

Series: Psychological Thrillers

Main Tropes

  • Toxic Friendships
  • Lying/Gaslighting
  • Everyone's A Suspect/Stalking


The Friend Group: A newly minted expat befriends a group of women only to discover she's taken a seat in a revolving chair and they have rules. Terrifying rules!

Timber: A life coach is hired to help the wife of a psychiatrist reclaim her life as a celebrated artist. But things quickly turn dark when she discovers the wife's chilling secret.

The View from Nob Hill: A bored housewife witnesses a terrible suicide. Her efforts to move on from the incident are hindered when she discovers her husband, daugther, son, and best friend all have disturbing connections to the death.

It Ends Now: A woman returns to her hometown to lay her mother to rest only to discover the horror she escaped twelve years ago is still alive.

The Cafe Apartment: A young woman's desire to teach English in Vietnam turns tragic when a fortune teller starts whispering in her ear.

Excerpt - The Friend Group

“This is Emily; she’s with us,” Vivian said.

Those six magical words changed everything. It was as if I’d been suddenly elevated to godlike status. People tripped over themselves to meet me while bombarding me with questions. The attention was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. To say I felt special was an understatement. I felt like royalty. And the invites? Everyone had something to invite me to, whether it was another gala or the grand opening of a boutique, or even to have dinner at their restaurant. And it wasn’t just other expats I was being introduced to; most of the attendees were hi-so Thais. Even the Thai elite showed up. They were the powerful family dynasties that went way back.

All I could do to keep up was nod and say “Thank you.” During one of those exchanges, I glanced at Vivian and caught her staring at me. Instead of a smile on her face, there was a look that sent a shiver through my body. A second later, she smiled, hooked her arm around mine, and led me to the next power couple on her list of people to know.

Whatever apprehensions I might have harbored about Vivian had disappeared by the time the fashion show started. She had done nothing but make sure everyone there knew I was a bona fide member of their friend group.

And the photographs—I must have had more than a hundred snapped of me. Photographers at the event wanted pictures of me with everyone I spoke to. I even posed with the fashion models and designers after the runway show. I was convinced they had mistaken me for someone else.

Vivian told me to keep smiling. “Think of this as your inauguration.”

“But I’m no one.”

“You’re with me. You’re someone.”

As soon as I had a chance, I broke away and ran to the restroom. I thought I was going to explode. On the way out, I bumped into a woman I’d been introduced to earlier. Her name was Meredith Brown. She was from Australia and a mother of two. Her husband was a high-level executive in the petroleum industry.

“Are you having fun tonight?” she asked.

“It’s been incredible. Everyone here is so nice and inviting.”

“Well, you’re with Vivian now. Expect more of that. Many others have tried to grab that spot you have, but all have failed.”


“The fourth spot in the friend group. It’s been vacant for a while.”

“Wait, are you saying there’s a cap on how many friends are in the group?”

“You didn’t hear it from me, but from what I know, Vivian likes to keep the group small. I mean, I totally get it. The attention and privilege afforded to the group, especially in the Thai community, doesn’t come easy. You should be proud to have been chosen.”

“Um, yeah. Vivian, Jackie, and Kimmy have been nothing but nice and helpful in getting me acclimated to the Bangkok scene.”

“I wish I had that when I first arrived. It can be difficult. I’d say it’s worth putting up with all those rules.”

“What rules?” I did a double-take at Meredith.

She smiled. “I know you’re not supposed to discuss them outside of your group. Don’t worry. I’ll keep my mouth shut.” Meredith made a zipper movement across her lips.

“No, wait. What do you mean by ‘rules’?”

Meredith crinkled her brow. "The rules Vivian expects the group to follow."

What's Included

  • The Friend Group: Friendship can be scary.
  • Timber: When life coaching goes wrong.
  • The Cafe Apartment: A young woman moves into sinister building full of secrets.
  • The View from Nob Hill: The family that lies together, stays together.
  • It Ends Now: The plan was to get in and get out. Fast!
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