Hey, I'm Ty Hutchinson

From a young age, I've been a dreamer. The kind of dreamer who believes that if I can think it, I can do it. Bold? Absolutely. But that mantra has been my guiding light through life.

My journey started in advertising, where I dreamt big for my clients, crafting narratives on a grand scale. There, I realized I wanted to tell my own stories, to dream even bigger. So, I took a leap and became an author.

Despite the skeptics who called my "dream big" mentality silly, I've been my own cheerleader, keeping hope alive. No wonder my characters face impossible challenges and need to believe they can conquer anything.

An old boss once gave me advice that shifted my perspective: "We'll do it bigger and better." That mindset became my driving force.

Dreaming big demands confidence. It's a lesson I've learned. No matter the challenge I or my characters face, confidence is the key to seeing it through.

My stories are more than narratives; they're a call to action, an inspiration to take charge of your life and shape the adventure ahead.