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Run Pig Run (Abby Kane FBI Thriller 17) (Ebook)

Run Pig Run (Abby Kane FBI Thriller 17) (Ebook)

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PREORDER: Release date is June 18th, 2024

Secure your preorder for Run Pig Run--the seventeenth installment of the Abby Kane FBI thrillers--and have it delivered to your reading device automatically.


Agent Abby Kane’s track record in solving heinous crimes precedes her, so when the chilling homicide of a port official is discovered in San Francisco, she’s the first on the scene. A few days later, the body of a maritime pilot is found, bearing an equally gruesome death. A dark pattern emerges, reminiscent of the brutal executions by sicarios employed by the Mexican cartels. This raises a pressing question: What is a sicario doing so far north?

As Abby delves deeper into her investigation, a startling theory emerges. The cartels are exploiting an alternate route for drug smuggling—one that snakes its way through the unsuspecting Bay Area. With each grisly murder, the cartels send an unmistakable message: fear us.

Abby’s determined to halt the cartel’s advance. But as the body count continues to rise, she finds herself drawn into a sinister game of cat and mouse, where the stakes couldn’t be higher.

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