Kobo’s Huge Honking Sale — Up to 50% Off

Kobo LogoKobo is having an insane sale, but this time they’re slashing prices by 50%. There’s a huge selection to choose from; including a few of my own: Corktown, Russian Hill and Lumpini Park.

Dates:  October 17th – 20th

Discounts: 25%, 35%, 50% 

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Kobo’s TGIF Summer Sale. Unlimited 30% Off

Kobo LogoHell, yeah. Kobo is having their huge TGIF Summer Sale – 30% Off A ton of books will be reduced by 30% and there’s no cap on the promo code. Pass it on to your family, your friends… heck, give it to people you don’t know. It’s good for an unlimited amount of purchases. When: July 25th – July 28th Discount: 30% Promo Code: TGIFSAVE30 You got four days to take advantage of this deal. Don’t wait around.

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Gatecrashing the Cosy Consensus on Amazon

Ty Hutchinson:

There are two sides to every story. If you enjoy reading, then please read this. It’s important to know that not all authors are for Hachette. The authors who have come out in support of Hachette are published by Hachette. That’s something they never mention.

Originally posted on David Gaughran:

amazonhachetteA group of bestselling traditionally published authors – including James Patterson, Scott Turow, and Douglas Preston – engaged in an act of breathtaking hypocrisy on Thursday with an open letter calling on Amazon to end its dispute with Hachette.

The letter is incredibly disingenuous. It claims not to take sides, but only calls on Amazon to take action to end the dispute. It also makes a series of ridiculous claims, notably that Amazon has been “boycotting Hachette authors.”

Where do I start?

The Phantom Boycott

First of all, refusing to take pre-orders on Hachette titles is not a “boycott.” Pre-orders are a facility extended to certain publishers – not all publishers. Many small presses don’t have a pre-order facility. Most self-publishers don’t have a pre-order facility.

I don’t know why Amazon has stopped taking Hachette pre-orders, but both sides have stated that negotiations aren’t likely to be resolved any…

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Like A Girl, Rocks!

I’ve been out of the ad biz for about a year and a half and have pretty much disconnected myself from a career that had soaked up 22 years of my life. I don’t pay attention to what’s happening in the industry. I no longer watch the Superbowl for the commercials. I skip over print ads in magazines, ignore billboards and never listen to radio. I did however stop to watch this. So should you.

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Kathy Doolittle Fuierer is a Winner!

Summer Blog HopKathy you’re the winner of my Summer Splash Blog Hop giveaway. I have a gigantic fortune cookie with your name on it. Keep an eye out for an email from me.

I want to thank everyone who hopped over to my blog. I hope you had a lot of fun. Enjoy your summer.

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2014 Summer Splash Blog Hop

Summer Blog HopIt’s summer and that means beach, books and beer. Well, in my case.

My name is Ty Hutchinson and I’m the author of the novels you see listed along the side of this blog. They’re thrillers packed with plenty of action and suspense. Take a peek. And while you’re here, check out the huge blog hop I’m participating in. Plenty of great books and literary schwag.

If you haven’t participated in a blog hop, fear not, it’s easy. A blog hop is a great way to meet a lot authors in a short amount of time.

Just visit our official blog to see the list of over 50 participating authors. Hop from blog to blog to check out their books, poke them in the eye or enter to win a prize. I think all the authors are offering some sort of giveaway. That’s 50 chances to win cool stuff. Not only that, there are grand prizes. Details on how to win those prizes are on the front page of our Summer Splash Blog Hop.

I’ve got some cool stuff I’m giving away to visitors of my blog.

• One Grand Prize •

In RUSSIAN HILL, FBI Agent Abby Kane’s investigation takes her to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. So I’m giving away a fortune cookie. A very large one.

Giant Fortune Cookie

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Thinking About Publishing Your Own Book? Better Think Hard.

I don’t often post about writing or publishing or any sort of behind-the-scene industry stuff, but I thought this blog post by Chuck Wendig was an interesting take about the subject of whether one should self-publish their own work.

Check The Box: Do You Want To Be Your Own Publisher, Yes Or No? – Chuck Wendig.

Chuck Wendig

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