Milk Helps Men Cope With PMS By Calming The Bitch

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners latest Got Milk push infers that men who deal with raging PMS can find relief with milk. What? It’s true. Studies show that calcium in dairy milk can help reduce the symptoms of PMS. It’s an entertaining campaign from a guys point of view. Posters featuring helpless men stocking up on milk while uttering apologies is pretty funny. The website, Everything I Do Is Wrong, takes it one step further by providing men with a Puppy Dog-Eye-Zer to help with apologies, a Video Apology Enhancer, even a Sensitivity Vocabulator. In my own personal experience, every time I make a joke about that time of the month, I get crickets or worse, someone gets even more pissed off. So I’m wondering, while I find it hilarious, what do women think? I’m guessing women do most of the grocery shopping.

7/13/11 Ms. Magazine starts a petition to stop the campaign

7/13/11 from the reaction on Twitter, it seems like half the women find it funny and half don’t.

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2 Responses to Milk Helps Men Cope With PMS By Calming The Bitch

  1. There’s nothing to hide about this subject. They know it, we know it. Now, would women be offended? Probably. They’re sensitive and they could be PMSing. So, either way, they will say something about it. Drink some milk, I’d say!

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